Broken Black Tea/Hong Sui Cha


Dianhong broken black tea: Dianhong production uses excellent fresh leaves of Yunnan large-leaf species of tea trees, first withered, rolled or kneaded, fermented, and dried to make finished tea; then processed into Dianhong Gongfu tea, kneaded and cut into Dian broken black tea.  The above processes have been operated manually for a long time. This process was successfully trial-produced in Fengqing(凤庆) and Menghai(勐海) County in 1939.

Among the four sets of standard black broken tea formulated by the state at the time, the first set of broken black tea processed from the fresh leaves of  Yunnan large-leaf tea trees was the first set, and the quality was also the best.  It is said that the broken black tea produced in other provinces at that time was exported , Yunnan tea must be added to increase the intensity of the flavor to obtain a good price, so Dianhong broken tea was also called “tea monosodium glutamate” at that time.


India is the country that produces and exports the most broken black tea. In 1835, Assam(阿萨姆) in India began to grow tea. Tea seeds were imported from China. Chinese experts also went to guide the way of making tea, and taught the method of hand-made tea, including the production technology of black tea.

Later, the manufacturing process was simplified, pan frying was eliminated, and fermentation and baking were changed to produce products similar to Chinese Gongfu black tea. Since W.S. Lyle invented the first twisting machine in 1874, George Reld invented the tea cutter in 1876. The bar-shaped tea is cut into short, finely-ground pieces of tea, and the red-ground pieces of tea have officially appeared. After nearly a century of development, various new machines have been invented, and the corresponding technology has continued to appear. Various manufacturing methods have been roughly determined. The product color has basically been shaped, and the habits of consumption have been formed, making black broken tea a global staple Drink.


Broken black tea is divided into traditional and non-traditional methods according to the manufacturing method. And the non-traditional methods are divided into Rotorvane manufacturing method、C. T.C manufacturing method、and L.T.P manufacturing method. The product quality and style of each manufacturing method are different, but the color and the overall specifications of each type are basically the same.

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