Aged Puerh Tea

Living Tea seeks out aged teas from all classes or types of tea, but we have a particular penchant for Aged Puerh. And so, while we share the occasional Aged Oolong or Red Tea, this collection focuses primarily on our secret obsession. Aged Puerh tea is a Chinese dark tea produced exclusively in Yunnan province in Southwest China. Chinese dark teas are the only teas that reputedly improve with age by way of a special manufacturing process involving true fermentation.  These unique teas come from a variety of tea bush called Da Ye (“large leaves”), which is peculiar to that region. The official definition of Puerh is: “Tea produced from leaves harvested from the large-leafed Da Ye tea bushes growing in Yunnan province, sun-dried and having undergone a process of fermentation, either natural (sheng) or induced (shou).” Aged Puerh, aside from its unique taste and deep Qi, is known in the West for its extraordinary health benefits.

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