Beijing Royal Tea House of Yunnan TAETEA Group

Beijing Royal Tea House puts Taetea and Yunnan Pu’er culture right in the heart of Beijing’s cultural center.

The Beijing Royal Tea Culture Club and the Royal Kitchen allow you to experience the absolute finest of Pu’er and exquisite imperial cuisine in the most luxurious surroundings.

Established in 2007 and designed by a famous architect from the Beijing Academy of Fine Art, the interior of the Royal Tea House combines elements of the Ancient Tea Horse Road and Traditional Chinese Tea Cultures with the elegance and opulence of China’s imperial past.

It is said that; ‘the history of Pu’er is the history of China’. And the Royal Tea House places Pu’er tea culture in its rightful place; in the historically significant soil of Beijing’s Old Summer Palace, Yuan Ming Yuan, which was destroyed during the second Opium War.

Imperial Tea Ceremony

Savor a selection of the finest refined Pu’er China has to offer; teas so rare that for centuries they were only available as Tribute Tea to the emperor and his imperial court.

Have your Pu’er prepared by our highest ranking Tea Masters and relish in the full experience of the Imperial Tea Ceremony.

After tea, treat yourself to delicious desserts and the sweet delicacies as the royal dignitaries would have enjoyed in by-gone days.

The Beijing Royal Tea House also offers the ideal location for business meetings in our lavish Business Conference Center fully equipped for all your professional needs.

Our Royal Tea Culture Club is a unique way of sharing Chinese tea culture while you appreciate a fantastic range of Pu’er teas, all while surrounded by rich oil landscapes in the classic Chinese-style, antique furniture, art and pottery representing Chinese Imperial Tea Culture from all the dynasties down through the ages.

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