Menghai Tea Factory

Menghai Tea Factory is where it all began; China’s original Pu’er factory.

In 1973 we invented the modern method for aging Pu’er tea. This enables us to produce enough Pu’er so everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Over our long history our priorities haven’t changed, today our goal is still to make the highest quality Pu’er in the world.

Standarization Of Pu’er – Setting the world’s Pu’er tea standard

The Story of the Menghai Tea Factory

The story of the Menghai Tea Factory begins in the spring of 1940 with the blessing of the China Tea Company.

Fan He Jun, a tea expert and scientist educated in Paris, took a team of over 90 tea specialists down the Ancient Tea Horse Road from Kunming. A month later they arrived in the tropical south where they founded the Menghai Tea Factory.

Mr Fan realized the importance of using the most up-to-date methods, knowledge and technology and finding the perfect balance with the age-old methods used by the indigenous Pu’er growers of Menghai.

Pu’er For Tibet

He sent scientists to India to study, he sourced modern tea machinery and he encouraged the use of new ideas and innovative thinking from his team.

Working closely with the local tribal leaders, Mr Fan helped the villagers produce pressed Pu’er tea discs. And in 1940 the first batch of pressed Pu’er from the Menghai Tea Factory was strapped to horses and taken to Burma. Then the Pu’er travelled by ship to India, and finally onto Tibet.

The Famous Factory Gates

The Menghai Tea Factory experiment was a success.

But in 1941 Japanese soldiers invaded Yunnan, and the China Tea Company ordered Mr Fan and his Pu’er team to leave Menghai.

The Pu’er men protested and begged to be given more time to finish the work necessary to fully establish their factory. Two weeks later the Menghai Tea Factory began to generate its own electricity and the indigenous people of Menghai saw electric light for the first time.

The factory was ready to operate, but World War II was on the doorstep. The Pu’er pioneers hid the new tea machinery to keep it out of the hands of the Japanese army and evacuated Menghai.

Modern Method

Over the years the Menghai Tea Factory has become China’s most respected Pu’er producer. Our 7542 Raw Pu’er and our 7572 Ripe Pu’er are publicly recognized as the quality benchmark standard all Pu’er in China is judged against.

As well as inventing the modern pile-fermentation ageing method, so that we can produce Pu’er in months rather than years, we also

make the world’s most renowned Pu’er blends:

                                                                                               The Founders at the Gates, 1940

‘88 Raw Cake – An exclusive version of our 7542 Classic produced in 1988. A collector’s favorite

‘92 Raw Brick – A rare perfectly aged collector’s Pu’er with a full-bodied taste that is the connoisseur’s choice

Purple Taetea Cake – Rosy purple in complexion, this ripe Pu’er with its smooth rich taste and sweet aroma is legendary in the world of Pu’er

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