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‘The tea is always quiet and still, time goes by and without struggle or strife it develops its own body, character and flavor – Self cultivation in harmony with the world.’

In 2010 we founded our Tea Institute – the Academy of Certified Chinese Tea Masters (ACCTM).

Taetea believes in the benefits of tea. But we also have faith in the positive powers of tea culture; the Way of Tea.

The Way of Tea or Teaism is an ancient Chinese school of thought that focuses on the Chi of Tea, the Yoga of Tea – tea as a form of meditation and way of life.

Like many ancient Asian cultures we believe that tea’s ability to revive, rebalance and restore our health is not limited to just drinking tea.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are inter-dependent; one cannot exist without the other.

Taeteaism: Eight Teachings Taeteaism Tea Ceremony

Taeteaism Music Courses: Guqin and Guzheng; (The silk-stringed zither or horizontal harp that often accompanies the tea ceremony)

Taeteaism Lifestyle Courses: Designed to suit tea lovers with busy lifestyles


Discover Teaism

In our busy world where you can find yourself feeling out of tune, Taetea hopes to bring a form of simple daily meditation through Teaism.

Whether you are a business person or busy parent; take a few minutes each day to relax and really appreciate a pot of tea:

Clear your mind – Take time to reflect on the chi of your tea – That healthy natural energy that has gone into each sip – The rays of the sun, the nutrients from the soil, all the time, effort, love, attention and quality that nature and people have dedicated to your cup of tea.

Ancient Tea Tree

Imagine the ancient tea-tree each leaf came from; standing in the forest for thousands of years, watching the passing of seasons, surrounded by bird song, breathing the pure mountain air.

By taking time to appreciate you raise your own energy and by taking the time to ‘smell the roses’, or tea as the case may be, you improve the quality of your own day.

The goals of the Taetea Institute include:

• To revive the wisdom of ancient Chinese Tea Culture

• To cultivate the next generation of tea lovers

• To focus on Teaism through:

Researching – Understanding – Classifying – Communicating – Promoting

International Tea Institutes

Our main tea institute is in the Spring City of Kunming and we have two other branches in Beijing and Menghai.

In the future we plan to offer these courses through English and also to establish international Taetea Institutes.

Please contact us if your university, institute or group would be interested in learning more about Teaism.

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