Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road in Xinping County, Yuxi

About Ancient Tea Horse Road

The Tea Horse Road, now generally referred to as the Ancient Tea Horse Road was a network of caravan paths winding through the mountains of Sichuan四川, Yunnan and Tibet in Southwest China. This was also a tea trade route. It is also sometimes referred to as the Southern Silk Road or Southwest Silk Road, and it is part of a complex routes system connecting China and South Asia.

Where is Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road?

Guzhou古州 Ancient Tea Horse Road, located at the Parrot Slope鹦哥坡 of Xinhua Township新化乡, Xinping County, Yuxi, is 12 kilometers from the government of Xinhua Township. It borders Wangshijiang Slope王石匠坡 in the east, Haiwei海味, Haozhidi蒿枝地 and Jiasa戛洒 in the south, Luchila River鲁尺拉河 and Xiaopuzi小铺子 in the west, as well as connects Guzhou古州 Wild Forest in the north through the main peak of Yizu Mountain迤阻山.

Features of Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road

Guzhou ancient tea horse road used to have large and small caravans every day, swaying the melodious bell, walking constantly, often attracting bandits in the Yingge鹦哥(Parrot) slope ancient tea horse road to robbery trade caravans. In 1940s, Li Runzhi李润之 set up Caravan Inn at the foot of the parrot slope鹦哥坡. He mobilized nearby villagers to lay a 5 kilometers long and 3 meters wide flagstone road and regularly cleaned it. As a result, the reputation of Parrot slope ancient tea horse road became more prominent.

Nowadays, the flagstone road is well preserved, and there are many hikers and tourists. The scenery of Parrot slope ancient tea horse road is beautiful and graceful. Both sides of the flagstone road grow dense primeval forest, quiet and pleasant. The trees on both sides of the road are mostly big pines, azaleas, camellia trees, peony trees and so on. Every spring, these flowers are in blooming, decorating the road into a sea of flowers. All kinds of birds are flying and singing in the forest, which makes the travelers relieve the tiredness.

Nearby Attractions

Guzhou Wild Forest
Damoyan Peak of Ailaoshan Mountain Range
Chu Orange Manor in Xinping County

Best Time to Visit

In spring, azalea, camellia, peony and other flowers are in blossom, full of vigor.

How to Get There

Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road connects with Guzhou Wild Forest through the main peak of Yizu Mountain迤阻山. For transportation, you can refer to Guzhou Wild Forest. After arriving in Xinping County, another 1.5 hour is needed from Xinping county to Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road.

Accommodation Around Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road

You can get accommodation and taste local specialties at Xinhua Township of Xinping County新平县新化乡. Or you can also go back to county seat of Xinping county for accommodation.

Useful Travel Tips

1. In the mountainous area, temperature difference is large between morning and evening, you are supposed to bring coat to prevent a cold. Besides, during sunny days, ultraviolet ray is strong, sun cream and other sunscreen products are needed.

2. The road to Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road is better, but there are many curves. Drivers should drive carefully.

3. Understand the general situation of Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road in advance, if you are traveling with the tour group, the tour guide will explain the cultural geography of Guzhou Ancient Tea Horse Road.