China International Puer Tea Festival

Chinese Name: 中国国际普洱茶节
English Name: China International Puer Tea Festival in Simao District, Puer

Since the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods, Pu’er tea has been listed into the national drinks. Nowadays Pu’er tea is developing rapidly as popular drink for the public and a carrier of Chinese traditional culture. Pu’er tea has a history of several thousands of years. The establishment of “Chinese Tea Festival” aims at two purposes: one is to protect and carry forward the Chinese tea culture, the other is to introduce Pu’er to the world!

Since the establishment, the Chinese Pu’er Tea Festival has been held for 18 years, and during its development course, China Tea Festival has become an international, open, public welfare event in tea industry, which has played a positive role to carry forward the Pu’er tea culture, to promote Pu’er tea’s popularity and recognition, to promote the rapid development of Pu’er tea industry, and to promote the harmonious development of the economic society in ethnic regions at the border area. The rise of China Pu’er Tea Festival drives the economic development of Pu’er tea, and makes it more popular. In the past China, Pu’er Tea Festival events, countless tea enterprises and ethnic tourism commodity enterprises in Yunnan province repeatedly participated in the Pu’er tea trade fair, clothing, accessories and tourism product sales activities, with total sales amounting to hundreds of millions of yuan, which realized the organic combination of the ethnic culture, the tea industry and the tourism industry.

China Pu’er Tea Festival has promoted the communication of Pu’er tea culture in large extent, and has enriched the cultural connotations of Pu’er tea. Taking China Pu’er Tea Festival as a platform, Pu’er tea wins a wide range of recognition from the consumers, and becomes a world famous drink. At the same time Pu’er tea walks through the eras of “agricultural Pu’er tea” and “cultural Pu’er tea” into the era of “scientific Pu’er tea”.

China Pu’er Tea Festival, with aims of “scientific Pu’er tea, healthy life”, themed as “the world of tea source, China tea city, Pu’er tea capital”, will comprehensively and systematically demonstrate the development course of “agricultural Pu’er tea, cultural Pu’er tea, scientific Pu’er tea, humane Pu’er tea” and colorful original primitive culture, concentrate on promotion of innovative products of scientific Pu’er tea projects and non-material cultural heritage, promote and release Pu’er tea scientific research and innovation achievements by vigorously promoting the “ecological, harmonious, charming” Pu’er tea, demonstrating the scientific research achievements of Pu’er tea, carrying forward the Pu’er tea culture and ethnic tourism culture and promoting Pu’er tea to the world.

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