Robert Tea Mountain of Gonglang Town in Nanjian County, Dali

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Chinese Name: 大理白族自治州南涧县公郎镇罗佰克茶园村
English Name:Robert Tea Mountain of Gonglang Town in Nanjian County, Dali

The Robert Ecological Tea Garden is located in the hillside terrace between XiaoBoLe valley and AMuZhu Road(阿母助路) in FengLing village committee(凤岭村) of Gonglang town(公郎镇) of the WuLiang Mountain(无量山).

The Robert ecological tea garden belongs to Fengling village of Gonglang Town, on the hillside terrace of ArMuZhu Road in the compound land of Wuliang Mountain, passing by Lancang River. With an altitude of 1968 meters, an annual average temperature of 15 ℃, and an annual precipitation of 1200 mm, the garden is suitable for the growth of tea, walnut, wheat, corn and other crops. The Tea garden village is a good place for people to live with beautiful mountains and rivers, fertile soil, humid climate. Gonglang Town, one of the three ancient towns in Nanjian(南涧) County, is located at the foot of the Wuliang mountain. After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, 214 National Road passes through. Now, the XingLang Road is directly accessible.

Here,the ZhouJia Tomb Mountain, A bronze drum of the Warring State period (national second class relic) has been unearthed.The GongLang Stone Arrow(公郎石箭), a stone caved arrow,is standing in the River Valley under the mountain about 3 Km from the tea garden. The stone axes of the Neolithic age were unearthed around, proving that people lived here for a long time.The traditional buildings of the Yi nationality are well preserved in the village and the national festivals February 8, Torch Festival are well inherited

The Robert Tea Garden was built in 1964.The garden is located in the mountain facing the southwest.The garden terrain is open and air humidity and temperature are suitable for the growth of the tea trees.The area of planting tea trees covers 1600 Mu and the base of walnut covers 500 Mu.In the garden, there are also many cherry trees and holly trees .

The tea garden is famous for its production quality and its natural environment.Under the efforts of the villagers led by Li Zhenglin, the director of the tea factory, the Robert tea was well sold inside and outside the province, and was recognized and praised by consumers.The Tea garden is the fourth batch of Characteristic Tourism Villages at the provincial level. In 2012, it was named the first batch of modern agricultural parks by the Provincial Department of agriculture.
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