Yingpan Tea Mountain in Puer City

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Chinese Name:普洱市营盘茶山
English Name: Yingpan Tea Mountain in Puer City

Yingpan(营盘) Tea Mountain is one of the Puer(普洱) City’s eight tea production areas, and which is the nearest one among these. You can get there within six hour’s drive. It is located in the southeast of Simao(思茅) district with a distance about ten kilometers. Yingpan Tea Mountain covers an area of 24 thousand mu(亩), that is about 16million squares meters, which makes it the biggest ecological tea garden of Yunnan province. The Taidi tea(台地茶),a type of cultured tea(人工养殖茶), which is usually with a low height, rises and falls following the changes of the mountain, creating a magnificent view. It seems like huge waves rolling before you, which is an attracting spectacle, you can’t see enough of it.

Wencha tower(问茶楼)is the highest place of Yingpan Tea Mountain(营盘山)。Viewing from the high building, you can see the green mountain embraced by the mist in the distance, and that is the tea garden. It looks like the tea garden is stretching towards the sea of clouds. What a mysterious and dreamlike view.

Chinese Puer Tea Expo(中华普洱茶博园), the only tea theme in china, is located in the Yingpan Tea Mountain. Here, the whole process of picking, de-enzyming (杀青),rolling(揉捻),fermentation(发酵), drying(干燥)are displayed. You can experience Puer tea picking and processing, as well as learn the culture of Puer Tea. Besides, when you are tired , drinking a pot of Puer tea with a faint scent can help you refreshing.

Qiankun Memorial arch of Puer Tea(普洱茶乾坤牌坊) is a cloud-kissing ttower, permeated with a strong classical style, giving you a feeling of a Grand View Garden(大观园). Here, the origin, evolution, development, plantation, ethnic origin, processing, packaging, marketing, making and tasting of Puer tea are all revealed.

Tips for travelling:

(1)Location: Panying Tea Mountain is located in the Southeast of Simao district, 29 kilometers away from the city. (Hotels are available in the park).

(2)Transportation: Asphalt road leads to the scenic area. Self-driving and fixed bus are both available.

(3)Time: About 3 hours. (Admission ticket is needed)

(4)Specialty: Tea Handicraft, tea pastry, and tea drinking

(5)Attractions nearby: Laiyang River National Forest Park. (菜阳河国家级森林公园)

(6)Attractions in Puer City: Inverted Root Park(倒生根公园),Xima River Park(洗马河公园),Plum Lake Park(梅子湖公园)

(7)Urban Accommodation: St. Andy Hotel(圣安迪大酒店)(a four-star hotel); Plum Lake Hotel(梅子湖大酒店)(A three-star hotel)
Translated by Zhang Yun/张芸

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