Dadugang Tea Garden in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna

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Chinese Name:西双版纳大渡岗万亩茶园
English Name: Dadugang Ten Thousand Mus Tea Garden in Jinghong City, XishuangBanna

Dadugang Wanmu Tea Garden (大渡岗万亩茶园)is located in Dadugang Township(大渡岗乡) of Jinghong City(景洪市). The area is distributed in Dadugang Township(大渡岗乡)and Jingna Township(景讷乡). It is adjacent to Puwen(普文) Town in the north, bordering with Mengwang(勐旺) Township in the east, supporting Fuyang Town in the south and it is Jingna(景讷) Township in the west, with a total area of 25,730 mu and 24,406 mu of land has been reclaimed. The site is located at 615 kilometers of Kunluo Road, the resident of Dadugang Township People’s Government. It is 80 kilometers north of Simao(思茅) and south of Jinghong(景洪).

Dadugang Township has an average elevation of more than 1,300 meters. The forest area of the township is 1.02 million mu, of which the national nature reserve is 480,000 mu and the forest coverage rate is 85.8%. It is like spring in the four seasons, with an average annual temperature of 18.5 degrees Celsius. It is also known as Spring City. The unique and beautiful 76,000 mu of tea mountain landscape makes Dadugang Township(大渡岗乡) one of the largest towns in Yunnan(云南) Province. In 2006, Dadugang was named as a provincial-level ecological township by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government; the establishment of “national-level ecological townships” in 2011 achieved a phased goal. At present, the whole town is working hard to build the first hometown of Chinese tea.

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Translated by He Jianjiao/何建娇

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